I did not recognize that it happened 4 years ago because it was never more than distant from heart. I have shifted to Australia, after that happened, but could not disremember anything so moved on.

I got engaged yesterday with dad's best friend, Raja Gopal uncle's daughter, Teju. We know each other from childhood, so I did not think much about saying yes to her. I am happy to get espoused to a girl who knows me well from the very first.

Our parents decided that marriage will be on the 23rd of next month. I have a lot of time to invite everyone from various parts of my life. Few friends were in contact through emails, and calls, few were in facebook, some of them were out of reach. But, it's my wish to make the biggest celebration of my life with all of them, who made my life vivid some way or other at separate stages. I want to see them all in one place, so I thought that this is the moment. Even though I have 40days for my day, I have started planning every small thing and noting it down. Because we never know what we forget in excitement, not in tension.

Before anything, I have listed out the names of all my friends whom I'm going to invite. The marriage was planned in Australia earlier, as most of our relatives and well-wishers settled there, but it has changed to Vizag, India, Because I wanted it to be.

After a couple of days, I flew to India and started meeting my friends, inviting them to the event. I was having a very great time with all my fellows after a lengthy pause. Most of them got married, settled in life, some with their jobs, some with business of their fathers, few of their own. Recollecting all those beautiful memories, I went to meet Siri in the morning of the following day at her place. I did not have a word with her in the last 4 years, even when she tried to contact me.

She is now married, and happy mother of 2 kids Jeshna and Aarav, they are simply adorable, I had a pretty good time with them. Unfortunately couldn't meet her husband as he left to work early that day.

I was enjoying the company of those little hearts when Siri walked down from the staircase with a pleasant smile, she is looking beautiful in her black saree designed with some eye-catching embroidery work, I couldn't look beyond her until Jeshna patted on my lap asking me to unwrap the chocolate that I have bought her, Siri signaled me we can start in few minutes, I nodded symboling okay gesture. After spending some time at Siri's home, we began to meet a few friends, on the way we visited Siri's parents. Her mother was so loving she got excited listening about my wedding 'VICKY! I am very pleased that you are getting married,' she stressed. We spent around 15min there. Siri dropped Jeshna and Aarav with her parents so, we continued.

Later in the afternoon, we reached a pleasant ocean view restaurant for lunch as we were starving. As soon as we entered the restaurant, there was that mood delightful fragrance of spicy Indian spices spread around, that made my mouth water immediately. Siri wasted no time before she scanned the menu and ordered a Spanish chicken roast along with mango juice. I was searching for what I want to order, Siri helped me, it was fish chops with little cheese and extra spice, brown rice bowl and mixed non-veg sizzler, I have asked for a fruit juice before the waiter leave our table. We were waiting for the food to be on our table, and finally it was after 20 minutes. Chef at the restaurant was too good, all the ordered items are perfectly cooked, being a chef I would appreciate his efforts. Thanks to him.

We are having it quite slowly as we are discussing a lot of stuff, grinning for all those silly memories which will never fade away. But, when suddenly the name "RUPA" exclaimed by Siri, I couldn't think of anything. I was entirely out of the world, couldn't finish my lunch, or couldn't even listen to Siri's words. Tears got stagnated on the top layer of my eyeball to blur the surroundings and visualize HER.

I did not talk anything after that, neither Siri, she paid for the food, took the driving seat, there was dead silence in the car, no conversations going on, no music playing, there was hardly noise of air conditioner in the car which seemed like a tremendous 10,000 watt mega speaker at a civic gathering, that even couldn't disturb me from thinking of her.

We reached Siri's home, and I did not spare any time to take the driving seat to start driving towards my guest house, Siri was trying to talk to me when I was about to leave, maybe she is trying to wave me a bye.

I reached my guest house, which is in the north-eastern part of the steel city, and half a mile from the sea. So, there won't be any person who can bother me after a hectic day.

I would fall asleep very quickly but, today I couldn't. The name is disturbing me silently in the loud sounds of ocean waves, my heart is growing more oppressive, I tried to console myself but couldn't, took my bike reached the beach after a small ride with 2 bottles of chilled beer's to stable my mood, I do not know the time accurately, I came back to the guest house when the moon was eye line straight and I SLEPT.