It was my first day at the culinary academy of India. Everything appeared too compelling.

My heart pounded like never before, Grew its rate by time, my breath got heavier, my palms and soles begin to sweat. I quietly occupied the 3rd row of systematized arrangement and was looking nervous to anyone who can see me from a scantier range, to settle myself, took a sip of water, shut my eyes, pressed my hands together, and was attempting to be still from inside. After few moments, I am feeling better than earlier, checked my wristwatch to know the time and it was 9.30 Sharp, a short guy with sharp eyes excused me for taking the seat adjacent to me, I admitted his excuse with a smile and provided him some space to occupy.

A man with a bright sunny smile and cleanly shaved face wished the class a good day before introducing himself as Mr. Ashish. He will be one of our instructors for the course. Mr. Ashish introduced us to the contents of the course and also asked us to self-introduce everyone in the classroom. After everyone finished, 'Ashish sir: Your class will end early today, but it will remain till 11:00 A.M ordinarily, and may stretch up to 4:00 P.M for practicals. See you guys sharp at 09:30 A.M tomorrow.'

We all thanked him for his time and dispersed to home.

Mom was in the living space running over the television channels one after the other by the time I entered inside the house. She was anticipating me to come home and tell her about my first day at the college.

'Mom: Hey! Vicky, how was the day at college? Did you discover anything fascinating?'

'Come on mom, it is only day one today it's been only a class for introduction to the course, regular lectures will commence from tomorrow,

'Mom: okay fine, take some rest and come back soon, I am preparing your favorite carrot halwa for you.'

'Okay mom.' heading towards my room made an idea to help mom in preparing the recipe, so that even I can grasp something in the kitchen.

'Mom, I want to accompany you in the kitchen to help you, can I?' I asked her from some measure.

'Mom: sure Vicky,'

'Okay, do not begin before I come, I'll be there in 10 minutes,'

I soon ran into my room, freshened up, changed to casuals, and headed straight into the kitchen.

'Mom: Vicky, I'll guide you through the process, and you will be preparing the carrot halwa, what do you say?'

Those words truly excited me, 'Definitely mom,' I replied in an engaging tone.

Mom started to explain everything in detail, and I am working a little hard to execute that right. Mom is patient to repeat her words more than once. Almost one and a half hours later, the carrot halwa went into the freezer after being garnished with a layer of dry fruits on the top.

It was almost 1:00 P.M, and we are starving, mom arranged everything on the dining board, we had our lunch, I was excited to watch a movie on the television while mom got a call from my aunt in Australia. After finishing her long chat with my aunt over the mobile phone, mom checked the freezer to ensure that the recipe is good to serve.

'Mom: Vicky,' she called me from the kitchen.

'Yeah mom,'

'Mom: Can you come here to check your dish,'

I did not reply to her but grew some pace and reached the kitchen swiftly. I took out the alloy with halwa, which had thrown some smile on to my face in no time. I have an overwhelming joy getting that dish into my hands for the first time, I felt like, it was an infant baby and was taking her on to me so delicately not giving any pain to her or doing any activity that may damage her. The most famous Gajar ka halwa (carrot Halwa) is ready to be served. Its pure orange texture is encouraging me to have it in mouth without a millisecond late. Mom took spoons and a couple of small serving bowls, she put the spoon into the halwa and took full of it and transferred into the serving bowls. I observed that it is so soft and perfectly cooked, the layer of dry fruits is adding additional beauty to its looks, the sweetest smell of it is tempting and grasping the attention of every sense organ of mine. I do not want to wait anymore, took the spoon full, smelled it deeply, and instantly felt it in my mouth watering for it. Delicious! is the word that I wanted to expel out of my mouth but stayed calm because I'm mesmerized in the taste of it and was out the world for a few moments. I can feel the softness of the dessert, which is immersed extraordinarily with the ghee, and the broken dry fruit crispiness is doing magic all along with other ingredients.

'Mom: how does it taste Vicky'

'It is delicious,' I uttered louder.

'what do you think about my recipe mom' I whispered looking at her from the edge of the eye with a smirking face,

'Mom: Yeah Vicky, it is truly delicious' she smiled taking a bit into her mouth,

I emptied my bowl and went back to fill it for another time. I couldn't express the feeling of that sweet on my tongue, it ultimately made me happy, and took me to cloud 9. I was waiting for my dad to make him eat the dessert and experience his happiness and get heartful once again. But, to my bad luck, he wasn't home till I went to bed. The next morning he flew to Vizag for a business meeting very early, even before my bed allowed me to wake up. 

I went to mom, 'Mom, did dad have the halwa?'

Mom: No Vicky, he was in a hurry, so I did not offer him

I was a bit disappointed but quick in admitting the situation and ready to go to college.

By the time I entered the class, it was 9:25 A.M, and Mr. Ashish was waiting in the classroom to start at the right time. I made myself comfortable in the same place where I had seated yesterday, the short guy is already placed his butts on the seating arrangement and inflicted a quizzical glance at me. I wanted to ask him what is his problem, but Mr. Ashish started his lecture at the same point so, I just kept tranquil and involved in Ashish's words.

He started telling about planning and managing the food in different ways and how it works under a variety of cuisines. We finished our class at 10:55 A.M, and everybody was in a hustle to step outside the classroom, I took a possibility to speak with that short guy who gave me an investigative peek at the start of the lecture.


'He: Hi' with questioning eyes.

'Myself Vikyath, Vicky, and you?'

'He: Tarun'

'Why were you looking at me like that in the morning?'

'Tarun: Nothing, casually,' he was trying to elude me and also not looking straight at me,

I stopped him,

'That was not casual tell me what's wrong with me.

'Tarun: not with you,


'Tarun: with me,


'Tarun: Yeah, the problem is with me, I don't have good friends because I am not so funny, I don't talk too much, so everyone whom I come across will not treat me well and would make fun of me. That made me give that awkward look at you in the morning. I wanted to start a conversation with you before the start of the lecture but felt nervous so.' He paused there,

After he revealed his problem, I did not understand what should be said. I lost in my thoughts for a couple of seconds, immediately gained my senses, and started to speak.

'That's okay, no need to overthink on it, I can be your friend, and I swear, I will not make fun of you or criticize you badly.' Made him settled for the time with my words. I said to him that I am leaving.

Tarun silently ran his fingers into one of his pockets, pulled out a chocolate, and offered me. I happily accepted it without much thought, said thank you, and moved.

I was in my room, browsing the internet about the concepts explained by Mr. Ashish in the class. That is when mom came in.


'Mom: how was your day Vicky?' Asked coming into the room


'It is good Ma,' I answered turning my looks from her on to the gadget I am using,


'Mom: Okay then have your lunch Vicky, its 1:30 P.M' she intimated arranging my closet,


'Give me 15 minutes Ma' I said in a low dozy tone,


'Mom: No Vicky, be quick, I have a plan with Meena aunty, she wants me to join her for shopping. And it is cloudy, so I need to leave as early as possible. Otherwise, it will be a total mess.' She spoke still arranging my closet,


'Oh,' I sighed, listening about her plan and the weather report,


'What's for lunch today?' I enquired,


'Mom: Your not so favorite Bendi Fry and Sambar' She teased me closing the closet,


I wasted no time in following her to reach the dining space after rinsing my palms. 'Mom is always the most exceptional chef I would ever know in my life.' I thought immediately after tasting the food. And who do override the statement I just made? No one in the universe, possibly not the lord even.


I complimented Mom for such a delicious lunch.


She without thanking me offered some more quantity. Before I could say No, The bowl on the dining table is in her left-hand holding the serving spoon with the right and the Bendi Fry in my plate. It left me with nothing to speak except to finish the food on the plate.


'Mom's are like this,' I stated another statement looking at my mom with a mixed look, Which would be again admitted by all the living beings on the soil or in the sea.


Mom was busy getting herself ready and shouted if I need something, facing the dressing table in her room.


I kept calm, finished my plate before she come and serve me something else,


I am full and thought that I would puke definitely.


I was that full that I could not even sip water in the end.


'Oh, Mom...! was my only reaction for the next 5 minutes.


I do not want to move everywhere from the place. So walked up to the divan and made myself comfortable on it.


My mobile phone is in my room on the first floor of the house. I have a valid reason to sit on the divan and do not move an inch. At least for the next 15-20 minutes. I turned on the television, but, there weren't any programs that could excite me,


Mom hurried up and left home by 2:30 P.M.


I was all alone in the duplex which seemed quite cold and clam as rain forest because of the climate condition around,

After checking every channel on the television form 1 to 152, I could learn that it is better to get my mobile from my room that was kept on charge before I came down to have my lunch an hour ago. I switched the television off, got my phone from the desk in the room. Which is next to the window that exposes the garden in our back yard when peeked through,


It started raining outside. A cool breeze kissed me all over my face. The sprinkles of dropping water felt on my checks. A hundred million dollars can not buy you the smell of the soil. All the plantings in the garden and the trees on either side of the street are taking a shower. I held a smile feeling their enthusiasm while dancing in the showers. All the mud and dust on any leftover leaves and branches are washing away. They are happy about getting back their greenery wiped up by the hard-hit rays of sun during the past couple of months.